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August 27, 2012

Crossfit Body-Mechanic 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Is coordinating

45 Days of Strict Paleo Nutrition

September 8th  –  October 22nd

Hosted By:

Registration cut off is Wednesday, September 5th at Noon

How to Register: You can register by emailing your name, phone number, email address to [email protected] You can pay by cash, check, credit card or PayPal.

When  you register thru Paypal a box will pop up labeled “Paleo Challenge Registration Details” Please enter your name, phone number and email address in this box.

Who May Enter: Anyone

Participation Requirements: You must submit before and after photos, body measurements and body fat percentage. A Handbook/food log will be provided. You are responsible for logging your food, WOD scores, PR’s and other components such as body measurements, goals, etc. There will be weekly check ins and goals are to be entered on the site: www.stickk.com (All photo’s and measurements & body fat percentages will be taken at check in by your challenge coordinator}

Cost: $80 per person

Scoring and Determination of  Winners:
Scores will be calculated from the following components: Dietary Compliance, Body Composition Changes, W0D Performance and Bonus Points. The winners will be determined by the highest overall score in each division




WOD Performance: Each participant will receive 25 points just for completing the benchmark WoD at the beginning & end of the paleo challenge. The participant that takes first place for the benchmark WoD will earn 300 points. Every placement after 1st will be deducted 10 points:

Placement     Points          Placement           Points

1st                    300             6th                         250

2nd                  290             7th                         240

3rd                  280              8th                        230

4th                  270              9th                         220

5th                  260             10th                        210

Dietary Compliance: If a participant was to have perfect diet scores every week they would earn 245 points.

  • Each week your dietary score will start at 35 points. If you maintain a perfect week you will receive a bonus of 5 points. Every cheat will cost you 10 points. You can end up in the negative for the week, so no binging.
  • You are responsible for logging your dietary compliance.  We are using the honour system.
  • Cheats are defined by eating grains, starches, processed foods, sugar, artificial sugar, juice, soda, alcohol, dairy, or anything else you can’t pronounce.
  • Multiple cheats- The most you can lose during any one meal is one cheat, but you will be docked cheats per each meal/snack per day.
  • Not logging food/beverage intake will result in a 15 point deduction per day

Transformation/ Improvements:

The score/time for the Benchmark WOD at the at the end of the challenge will be compared to the score/time from the beginning of the challenge. From the difference you will have an Improvement time/score which will be compared to every participant and ranked by improvement time, you will receive Performance Improvement points based on rank

Rank          Points         Rank         Points

1                  300              6                175

2                  275              7                 150

3                  250              8                125

4                  225              9                 100

5                  200             10                95

Before and After Body Measurements; 7 measurements will be taken at the neck, chest, bicep, waist, hips, thigh & calf. From the difference you will have an Improvement which will be compared to every participant of the challenge and ranked by improvement.  You will receive Performance Improvement points based on rank.

Rank    Points       Rank     Points

1            150            6             100

2            140            7             90

3            130            8             80

4            120            9             70

5             110           10            60

Body  Composition (Body  Fat Percentage) will measured. From the difference you will have an Improvement which will be compared to every participant of the challenge and ranked by improvement.  You will receive Performance Improvement points based on rank.

Rank      Points     Rank     Points

1              150          6            100

2             140          7             90

3              130         8             80

4              120         9             70

5              110         10            60

Bonus Points

  • Receive 20 Bonus Points for completing the Benchmark WOD at the beginning and 20 more Bonus Points for completing it the Benchmark WOD at the end of the challenge
  • Receive 25 Bonus Points for new PR’s. Your Coach must validate your PR in your log book to receive bonus points.
  • Bonus Points will be awarded for inches gained so long as there are positive changes in body composition
  • 20 Bonus Points will be awarded at each check in
  • Making personal or fitness goals will give you 15 Bonus Points.
  • A video testimonial (Uploaded to YouTube or Facebook) posted on the Back To Basics Nutrition Facebook page within the last weeks of the Challenge) is worth 50 points
  • A written testimonial emailed to [email protected] within the last week of the Challenge is worth 35 points


Prizes to be given away are T-shirts, 30 Minute Massages, PurePharma Omega 3 Fish Oils and Paleo Recipe Books.


For more details or any questions Please contact:

Anitra Goddard


[email protected]



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