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February 23, 2014

2 Fenrir Fitness Athletes Compete in a Seniors Powerlifting Meet – A Review of the 2014 Polk Senior Games

Laurie Schoepe and Mike Beemer did the #WolfPack proud today by competing in the 2014 Polk Senior Games Weightlifting Meet held at Deb’s Gym in Lakeland, Fl.

Mike Beemer and Laurie Schoepe both took Metals in their Age Group/Weight Class

Mike Beemer and Laurie Schoepe both took Metals in their Age Group/Weight Class.

Laurie competed in the 50-55 yr old women’s age division and the a 165lb weight class. The meet started with Bench Press.  Laurie successfully complete all 3 lifts at 65lbs, 75lbs and 85lbs earning herself the gold medal for her Age/Weight class!  Next up the deadlift.  Laurie completed her first and second pulls but wasn’t able to pull the final 200lbs. Her 185lb Deadlift still landed her the Gold Medal for her Age/Weight class!

Laurie’s 175lb Gold Medal winning Dead Lift!

Laurie’s 2nd Bench Press – 75lbs

“This is Fun!” -Laurie Schoepe, after admiring her 2 Gold Medals

View more photos of Laurie

Mike “Beems” Beemer competed in the 50-54 age division and 198 lb weight class.

Mike Beemer’s 255lb Bench Press


Mike won the Gold Medal in the Bench Press event with a 255lb  press and earned a Silver Medal for his 350lb Deadlift.

Here is the 350lb Silver Medal winning DeadlIft by Mike Beemer

Mike proudly displays his Silver and Gold Medals


View more photos of Mike Beemer

The 2014 Polk Senior Games were held at Debs Gym in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday February 22, 2014.

This was a very exciting and smoothly run event.  30+ athletes were cycled  thru Bench Press,  Deadlifts and Medals awarded by 2:30 pm.  It is obvious this wasn’t Debbie Callahan’s first rodeo. The event was judged by nationally ranked strongmen and powerlifters; Scott Lamb, Scott Weech and Ray Parker.

I was inspired by the spirit of the competitors ranging from 50 – 93 year old men and women lifting some legit weight!!

Meet Edith:

93 year old Edith, the Oldest competitor in the 2014 Polk Senior Games performs her 135lb Gold Medal Winning Dead lift with her Coach behind her.

I loved Edith’s fiery spirit. She celebrated all her lifts and encouraged everyone to get their parents and grandparents involved in power lifting. I couldn’t help myself I went over for a little chat with her. I asked her how long she has been lifting. I was shocked by her response, “about a year” she says.

“This is a great ego booster, when you get to be 93 years old you need an ego boost.”

 View more photos of Edith

Me, Edith and her Power Lifting Coach

Me, Edith and her Power Lifting Coach


This gentleman is 73 year old AND blind! Talk about inspiring!

Debbie Callahan leads the 77 year old blind power lifter to the platform

77 year old blind competitor completes a 155lb Deadlift.

Al Annunziato completes a 470lb deadlift.


Elderly lady attempts 165 lb deadlifts

Elderly lady complete 165 lb deadlift

Elderly lady then goes over and fist bumps her coach…..

While other elderly lady on her team does a celebration dance..

Still dancing…

These old ladies know how to get down in a gym!!!!

How can you not LOVE this!


What I came to realize during this meet is that healthy active competition can help keep your body strong, mind sharp and spirit young.


December 31, 2012

Athlete of the Month

Fenrir Fitness’s December Athlete of the Month

Every month we will honor one athlete and recognize them as athlete of the month. This athlete is one who the coaches agree is an individual who gives his/her all every WOD, who is committed to CrossFit and to reaching their goals as well as helping those around them become the best they can be

Introducing our December Athlete:

Damian Athlete of the month


What the Coaches have to say about Damian:

“Damian is ALWAYS smiling; before, after and even during the WoDs. His giant smile and constantly positive attitude is infectious! I knew we had a good one when after CrossFitting only 2 weeks we asked him if he wanted to rep the Box at a local CrossFit Competition and he without hesitating said sure! Damian is a natural, ALWAYS giving his best and encourages & supports the other athletes. I am proud to say his is one our athletes!” ~Anitra

“Damian is a pleasure to have in the gym. He always brings a positive attitude to the gym and is highly coachable. Look for this guy on the local competition circuit soon.” -Olly

Damian in his own words

1. How long have you been CrossFitting?  Just over 2 months now.

2. How did find/hear about Fenrir Fitness?  Jamie Jacobson told me about the Zombie WOD and it sounded like fun.

3. How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CFF?  Definitely getting a lot stronger and more comfortable lifting weights.  Mentally I am more secure in what I can do and I’m less afraid to try new and challenging things.

4. What is your favourite move and why? Tie between Muscle Ups and Box Jumps.  Muscle ups because I can finally get them!  And I enjoy pushing myself on how high I can jump

5. What’s your least favourite move and why?  Overhead squat, I still struggle a bit with the form but I can’t wait to perfect it.

6. Favourite WoD so far. Outlaw Chipper, it was brutal and intense

7. What are some of your goals for the new year coming up?  Put on lean muscle mass, go more Paleo (I’m about 70% now), compete in more Crossfit events, improve my Olympic lifts

8. In your own words how is CrossFit different from other programs? It is constantly varied.  I love that it incorporates endurance, gymnastics and heavy lifts into a fun and intense workout.  It differs from isolated workouts because we hit full body every workout, and it is different from “boot camp” style workouts that it still has a lot of Olympic lifts and strength pieces.  The community is incredibly friendly and motivating unlike most gyms where everyone is only worried about themselves.

9. How do you think others can relate to your personal CrossFit experience so far?  This is a program that is easily scaled to anyone regardless of your abilities.  It is very rewarding getting though the wods and all the people help keep you motivated.  There is also the chance to have friendly competiveness if that is something you’re interested in.

10 Tell us one thing we may not already know about you. My favorite band is the Arctic Monkeys

What Damian’s fellow Fenririans have to say about him

  • “Awesome! He deserves it and it will be superhard to keep it a secret but I will:). Damian is always a positive influence on myself and others around him, he leads by example and is a ninja in the box, go muscle-up D!” -Jamie Jacobson

  • “So excited for Damian!! He definitely deserves this! Damian is always so positive and is always smiling (at 5 am, that in itself deserves an award!) He is always encouraging everyone to keep pushing themselves harder. It’s been awesome to see how far he has come since starting Crossfit with us!!” -Heather Custred
  • “Damian was very inspiring when he was doing the toes through rings. He made it look effortless.” -Leslie Zimbalist

  • “Having Damian at the thanksgiving throwdown was awesome. Since he was in an earlier heat than me he was very helpful with pointers and helping me relax” -David Medina

  • “I love this idea! Damian is so nice and always encouraging of others.” -Andrea Merritt
Damian PR's at the CrossFit Lakeland Thanksgiving Throwdown
Damian PR’s at the CrossFit Lakeland Thanksgiving Throwdown
Damian gets his first Ring Muscle Up!


September 12, 2012

[UPDATED] Progress pictures of Fenrir Fitness’s new Lakeland gym

I’m so proud to be reopening our affiliate in Lakeland, Florida. I do believe that we’re the first CrossFit gym to move from the UK to the US and maybe even the first gym to move countries!!

We’ve got the local Ward’s Air Conditioning firm installing 15 tons of air conditioning which I know nothing about, but I’m told this is a good thing.

Anitra and I are really keen to give the gym a fantastic community-driven feel so murals and crossfit informational inforgraphics and posters are going up on the walls! I hope we’ll be able to get a giant Fenrir wolf logo up there too, eh? =)

We’re still on track for our october 1st grand opening! Pull up rigs going in soon. Wall ball marker going up! We’re going to have a matted area as well as an astroturf sprint area.

Take the BEFORE renovation tour !

Here’s some progress pics of the renovation

 The flooring coming up

3500 sq foot of CrossFit in Lakeland, Florida

3500 sq foot of CrossFit in Lakeland, Florida

Recruiting local friends and family to help out!


5 coats! That’ll do it!

What a mess!

My wife is the artisté of the family! 😛

August 28, 2012

Opening October 1st 2012 in Lakeland, Florida

Well, here it is.

The big announcement.  The big, big news!

…you ready…?


Fenrir Fitness

845 Creative Drive
Lakeland, FL 33813

(813) 597-7978

Opening October 1st

Our CrossFit affiliate gym was originally based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. We will to bring the same great training, same level of Instruction, another great location in Lakeland, Florida. Forging Elite Fitness in Group Classes & Personal Training.

Stay tuned for more details!

Keep in touch with us on Facebook + Twitter


Tell me more

More details will be released shortly but we will be offering a membership package with 24 hour access with our sister gym, Total Body Conditioning.


About your coach.

My name is Olly Goddard. I’m a dedicated trainer and actively competing CrossFit athlete who has worked with people of all ability levels from Ice Hockey players to Office workers. I believe that, to be effective in the long term, a fitness program has to be fun, creative and enjoyable. I care deeply about my athletes and it is my fundamental belief that CrossFit should be MUCH more than just a workout that you do most days a week. It runs much deeper than that!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Premier Level 3 Personal Trainer, Blauer Tactical PDR Fundamentals Coach, CrossFit Football Trainer, CrossFit Strongman Trainer, BSc (Hons) Planning & Development, Premier Sports Conditioning Coach.

August 27, 2012

Crossfit Body-Mechanic 45 Day Paleo Challenge

Is coordinating

45 Days of Strict Paleo Nutrition

September 8th  –  October 22nd

Hosted By:

Registration cut off is Wednesday, September 5th at Noon

How to Register: You can register by emailing your name, phone number, email address to [email protected] You can pay by cash, check, credit card or PayPal.

When  you register thru Paypal a box will pop up labeled “Paleo Challenge Registration Details” Please enter your name, phone number and email address in this box.

Who May Enter: Anyone

Participation Requirements: You must submit before and after photos, body measurements and body fat percentage. A Handbook/food log will be provided. You are responsible for logging your food, WOD scores, PR’s and other components such as body measurements, goals, etc. There will be weekly check ins and goals are to be entered on the site: www.stickk.com (All photo’s and measurements & body fat percentages will be taken at check in by your challenge coordinator}

Cost: $80 per person

Scoring and Determination of  Winners:
Scores will be calculated from the following components: Dietary Compliance, Body Composition Changes, W0D Performance and Bonus Points. The winners will be determined by the highest overall score in each division




WOD Performance: Each participant will receive 25 points just for completing the benchmark WoD at the beginning & end of the paleo challenge. The participant that takes first place for the benchmark WoD will earn 300 points. Every placement after 1st will be deducted 10 points:

Placement     Points          Placement           Points

1st                    300             6th                         250

2nd                  290             7th                         240

3rd                  280              8th                        230

4th                  270              9th                         220

5th                  260             10th                        210

Dietary Compliance: If a participant was to have perfect diet scores every week they would earn 245 points.

  • Each week your dietary score will start at 35 points. If you maintain a perfect week you will receive a bonus of 5 points. Every cheat will cost you 10 points. You can end up in the negative for the week, so no binging.
  • You are responsible for logging your dietary compliance.  We are using the honour system.
  • Cheats are defined by eating grains, starches, processed foods, sugar, artificial sugar, juice, soda, alcohol, dairy, or anything else you can’t pronounce.
  • Multiple cheats- The most you can lose during any one meal is one cheat, but you will be docked cheats per each meal/snack per day.
  • Not logging food/beverage intake will result in a 15 point deduction per day

Transformation/ Improvements:

The score/time for the Benchmark WOD at the at the end of the challenge will be compared to the score/time from the beginning of the challenge. From the difference you will have an Improvement time/score which will be compared to every participant and ranked by improvement time, you will receive Performance Improvement points based on rank

Rank          Points         Rank         Points

1                  300              6                175

2                  275              7                 150

3                  250              8                125

4                  225              9                 100

5                  200             10                95

Before and After Body Measurements; 7 measurements will be taken at the neck, chest, bicep, waist, hips, thigh & calf. From the difference you will have an Improvement which will be compared to every participant of the challenge and ranked by improvement.  You will receive Performance Improvement points based on rank.

Rank    Points       Rank     Points

1            150            6             100

2            140            7             90

3            130            8             80

4            120            9             70

5             110           10            60

Body  Composition (Body  Fat Percentage) will measured. From the difference you will have an Improvement which will be compared to every participant of the challenge and ranked by improvement.  You will receive Performance Improvement points based on rank.

Rank      Points     Rank     Points

1              150          6            100

2             140          7             90

3              130         8             80

4              120         9             70

5              110         10            60

Bonus Points

  • Receive 20 Bonus Points for completing the Benchmark WOD at the beginning and 20 more Bonus Points for completing it the Benchmark WOD at the end of the challenge
  • Receive 25 Bonus Points for new PR’s. Your Coach must validate your PR in your log book to receive bonus points.
  • Bonus Points will be awarded for inches gained so long as there are positive changes in body composition
  • 20 Bonus Points will be awarded at each check in
  • Making personal or fitness goals will give you 15 Bonus Points.
  • A video testimonial (Uploaded to YouTube or Facebook) posted on the Back To Basics Nutrition Facebook page within the last weeks of the Challenge) is worth 50 points
  • A written testimonial emailed to [email protected] within the last week of the Challenge is worth 35 points


Prizes to be given away are T-shirts, 30 Minute Massages, PurePharma Omega 3 Fish Oils and Paleo Recipe Books.


For more details or any questions Please contact:

Anitra Goddard


[email protected]



August 20, 2012

Olly’s Training Log 082012

Clearwater Beach


BB Gymnastics

1) 1 Snatch (from floor) + 1 Hang Snatch (just above knees) EMOM for 7 minutes @ 85% then rest 2 minutes.

Notes: These reps should be performed unbroken. If this is absolutely not possible, then the bar may be dropped after the full snatch, but the goal is to not put the bar down between reps.

2) Perform single Snatches (no hang) @ 90%, 95%, and 90%. Rest at least 2 minutes between reps and allow for no more than 3 misses total.

3)  1 Clean (from floor) + 1 Hang Clean (just above knees) + 1 Jerk (after the Hang Clean) EMOM for 7 minutes @ 80% then rest 2 minutes.

Notes: These reps should be performed unbroken. If this is absolutely not possible, then the bar may be dropped after the full snatch, but the goal is to not put the bar down between reps.

4) Perform Clean & Jerks (no hang) 3X1 @ 90%. Rest at least 2 minutes between reps and allow for no more than 3 misses total.


1a) 3X8 Weighted Strict Pullups – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: Use a weight that allows for at least 3-4 UB Pullups. These should not be all singles, but a few breaks are acceptable. If the total set takes more than 30 seconds then lower the weight.

1b) 3X8 Shoulder Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


Run, Swim or Cycle for 20 minutes (choose one, preferably your weakest).

*Post distance to comments. This should be a high level effort. Don’t do it just to do it, this is a valuable data point.



1.) 75 kg, all hit
2.) 80, 85, 80, all hit
3.) 90 kg, all hit
4.) 100kg all hit

Should have gone heavier


1a.) 8 strict x 3 (no weight added)
1b.) 60, 40, 40 kg (shoulders smoked)


Swim: 400M ocean swim. I\’m pretty sure I drank most of it.

July 19, 2012

Chelsea & Tata’s Paleo Nutrition Progress Photos

 Meet Chelsea & Tata Reyes

Chelsea’s 30 Day Strict Paleo nutrition results were amazing! Her body body fat % dropped almost 3%. She lost 11.2 pounds of fat and lost a total of 18 13/16 inches off her body! Chelsea and her husband both had tremendous personal growth as well! Super super proud of you both!

On Day 1 of 30 These shorts fit snug on Chelsea!

Chelsea has committed to 9 months of Strict Paleo!! We expect serious change in this woman, she is on a mission!!!


“My husband and I choose to take the Paleo 30 Day Challenge together. We were both were amazed at how fast our bodies started to change. Going through the process together has brought us closer in a way that I cant describe. Anitra gave us the knowledge to change our eating habits and our lives!

The food is so fresh and tasty, its not like any “diet” I’ve ever tried. Watching my body change week by week has been an awesome self esteem booster. I feel amazing! I am so proud of myself! I plan to continue working hard to reach my goals.”


Chelsea’s Husband, Christian(Tata) lost 20lbs, 16 1/16 inches and reduced his body fat by 5.04% in just 30 Days!!! OH Did I mention that he GAINED 1lb of lean mass, that’s all muscle baby!

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