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July 19, 2012

Chelsea & Tata’s Paleo Nutrition Progress Photos

 Meet Chelsea & Tata Reyes

Chelsea’s 30 Day Strict Paleo nutrition results were amazing! Her body body fat % dropped almost 3%. She lost 11.2 pounds of fat and lost a total of 18 13/16 inches off her body! Chelsea and her husband both had tremendous personal growth as well! Super super proud of you both!

On Day 1 of 30 These shorts fit snug on Chelsea!

Chelsea has committed to 9 months of Strict Paleo!! We expect serious change in this woman, she is on a mission!!!


“My husband and I choose to take the Paleo 30 Day Challenge together. We were both were amazed at how fast our bodies started to change. Going through the process together has brought us closer in a way that I cant describe. Anitra gave us the knowledge to change our eating habits and our lives!

The food is so fresh and tasty, its not like any “diet” I’ve ever tried. Watching my body change week by week has been an awesome self esteem booster. I feel amazing! I am so proud of myself! I plan to continue working hard to reach my goals.”


Chelsea’s Husband, Christian(Tata) lost 20lbs, 16 1/16 inches and reduced his body fat by 5.04% in just 30 Days!!! OH Did I mention that he GAINED 1lb of lean mass, that’s all muscle baby!

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