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December 31, 2012

Athlete of the Month

Fenrir Fitness’s December Athlete of the Month

Every month we will honor one athlete and recognize them as athlete of the month. This athlete is one who the coaches agree is an individual who gives his/her all every WOD, who is committed to CrossFit and to reaching their goals as well as helping those around them become the best they can be

Introducing our December Athlete:

Damian Athlete of the month


What the Coaches have to say about Damian:

“Damian is ALWAYS smiling; before, after and even during the WoDs. His giant smile and constantly positive attitude is infectious! I knew we had a good one when after CrossFitting only 2 weeks we asked him if he wanted to rep the Box at a local CrossFit Competition and he without hesitating said sure! Damian is a natural, ALWAYS giving his best and encourages & supports the other athletes. I am proud to say his is one our athletes!” ~Anitra

“Damian is a pleasure to have in the gym. He always brings a positive attitude to the gym and is highly coachable. Look for this guy on the local competition circuit soon.” -Olly

Damian in his own words

1. How long have you been CrossFitting?  Just over 2 months now.

2. How did find/hear about Fenrir Fitness?  Jamie Jacobson told me about the Zombie WOD and it sounded like fun.

3. How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CFF?  Definitely getting a lot stronger and more comfortable lifting weights.  Mentally I am more secure in what I can do and I’m less afraid to try new and challenging things.

4. What is your favourite move and why? Tie between Muscle Ups and Box Jumps.  Muscle ups because I can finally get them!  And I enjoy pushing myself on how high I can jump

5. What’s your least favourite move and why?  Overhead squat, I still struggle a bit with the form but I can’t wait to perfect it.

6. Favourite WoD so far. Outlaw Chipper, it was brutal and intense

7. What are some of your goals for the new year coming up?  Put on lean muscle mass, go more Paleo (I’m about 70% now), compete in more Crossfit events, improve my Olympic lifts

8. In your own words how is CrossFit different from other programs? It is constantly varied.  I love that it incorporates endurance, gymnastics and heavy lifts into a fun and intense workout.  It differs from isolated workouts because we hit full body every workout, and it is different from “boot camp” style workouts that it still has a lot of Olympic lifts and strength pieces.  The community is incredibly friendly and motivating unlike most gyms where everyone is only worried about themselves.

9. How do you think others can relate to your personal CrossFit experience so far?  This is a program that is easily scaled to anyone regardless of your abilities.  It is very rewarding getting though the wods and all the people help keep you motivated.  There is also the chance to have friendly competiveness if that is something you’re interested in.

10 Tell us one thing we may not already know about you. My favorite band is the Arctic Monkeys

What Damian’s fellow Fenririans have to say about him

  • “Awesome! He deserves it and it will be superhard to keep it a secret but I will:). Damian is always a positive influence on myself and others around him, he leads by example and is a ninja in the box, go muscle-up D!” -Jamie Jacobson

  • “So excited for Damian!! He definitely deserves this! Damian is always so positive and is always smiling (at 5 am, that in itself deserves an award!) He is always encouraging everyone to keep pushing themselves harder. It’s been awesome to see how far he has come since starting Crossfit with us!!” -Heather Custred
  • “Damian was very inspiring when he was doing the toes through rings. He made it look effortless.” -Leslie Zimbalist

  • “Having Damian at the thanksgiving throwdown was awesome. Since he was in an earlier heat than me he was very helpful with pointers and helping me relax” -David Medina

  • “I love this idea! Damian is so nice and always encouraging of others.” -Andrea Merritt
Damian PR's at the CrossFit Lakeland Thanksgiving Throwdown
Damian PR’s at the CrossFit Lakeland Thanksgiving Throwdown
Damian gets his first Ring Muscle Up!


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