[UPDATED] Progress pictures of Fenrir Fitness’s new Lakeland gym

I’m so proud to be reopening our affiliate in Lakeland, Florida. I do believe that we’re the first CrossFit gym to move from the UK to the US and maybe even the first gym to move countries!!

We’ve got the local Ward’s Air Conditioning firm installing 15 tons of air conditioning which I know nothing about, but I’m told this is a good thing.

Anitra and I are really keen to give the gym a fantastic community-driven feel so murals and crossfit informational inforgraphics and posters are going up on the walls! I hope we’ll be able to get a giant Fenrir wolf logo up there too, eh? =)

We’re still on track for our october 1st grand opening! Pull up rigs going in soon. Wall ball marker going up! We’re going to have a matted area as well as an astroturf sprint area.

Take the BEFORE renovation tour !

Here’s some progress pics of the renovation

 The flooring coming up

3500 sq foot of CrossFit in Lakeland, Florida

3500 sq foot of CrossFit in Lakeland, Florida

Recruiting local friends and family to help out!


5 coats! That’ll do it!

What a mess!

My wife is the artisté of the family! 😛

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