Will CrossFit help me fit into my skinny jeans again?

We tackle fat loss with a three prong approach; lifestyle, training and nutrition. Our in-house nutritionist sits with every new athlete (included in membership) and discusses goals and strategies. We can get you where you want to be.

I have a previous injury, am I safe to work out?

With us, yes. Our athletes get a very close coaching experience with the coaches due to our small class sizes. We have people who came to us with all sorts of previous joint, tissue and mobility issues and so far we’ve been able to help every one of them.

Do you offer personal training?

Absolutely! We have a selection of coaches with a variety of specialities and training backgrounds. Contact us for more information

Can’t I just start in a group class?

Sure!  Check our schedule for our next On Ramp class.

Do you offer a family discount?

We sure do! Give us a call and we’ll hook you up (863) 333-0548

What is your cancellation policy?

1-on-1 training clients

The session dates and times that you book with your trainer are reserved for you alone for that 30 day period.  Within any given 30 day training period you may have one rescheduled cancellation if you provide at least 24 hours notice.  Rescheduling is subject to your trainer’s availability and must take place prior to your session package expiration dates.

1-on-2 and 1-on-3 training clients

The session dates and times that you book with your trainer are reserved for you alone for that 30 day period.  Sessions missed by one member of a small training group cannot be made up.  If for some reason all members of a small training group need to cancel/reschedule they may do so once within any 30 day training period if they provide 24 hours notice.  Rescheduling is subject to your trainer’s availability and must take place prior to your session package expiration dates. All “NO SHOW” missed appointments will be billed at full session rate.

What are your hours?

Check out the schedule page from the drop down box at the top of the page. Personal training is by appointment only.  Please contact us to schedule your sessions.  Group classes require private training as pre-requisite or testing to determine eligibility.  See above.

I train at a CrossFit facility in another town and am traveling through town.  Can I drop in on a class?

Sure! Check and see what Level athlete you are. Then give us a call or shoot us an email and let us know what day you would like to come down.  (Please do not just drop in!) We do a lot in our classes and they move quickly…even the Elements class. That considered, we will do our best to get you into a class appropriate for your fitness level.  Our traveling CrossFitter rate is $20/class.



I don’t have time to workout.

Yes you do. A convenient characteristic of our training methods is incredible time efficiency. Our training sessions are scheduled for an hour to allow time for warming up, technique instruction, working out, skills practice, and cooling down. However, some of our clients are unusually pressed for time: in their cases, we are able to get them in and out within 25-30 minutes without sacrificing the quality or intensity of their training.

I’m embarrassed—I’m really out of shape.

Don’t be. First of all, none of our members arrive at a level of fitness that would be considered exceptional by our high standards: they all had and—like all of us—still have plenty of room for improvement. And that’s precisely the reason our members train with us: to improve.

Second, our members are part of a tight community in which encouragement and support of each other are intrinsic. Our best athletes routinely train alongside first-time members. All of us, from members to trainers, are here to help each other progress.

This isn’t for me. I’m not an athlete. I just want to look and feel good.

The majority of our members aren’t athletes: they simply want the best possible results in the least possible time. We train all of our members as if they were world-class athletes because this unequivocally produces superior results in all of us. Why train in a way that inherently limits your potential for success? Why restrict yourself to simply looking good when you can look better, feel better AND perform better?

It looks like you do a lot of squats. I’ve heard they’re bad for you.

Not only is the squat foundational to athleticism, but even more importantly, it’s foundational to functional independence. Squatting has developed a reputation of being unsafe because of the prevalence of atrocious form and severe inflexibility. Properly performed squats and related movements will fortify the knees, hips and back—not damage them—and help prevent injury in the future. Avoiding movements your body was engineered to perform is the best way to ensure injury and your body’s failure to function properly for you. Our coaches spend a great deal of time teaching our members proper form in all movements and constantly monitor performance to ensure safety and optimal benefits.

I don’t want to lift weights because I want to be flexible.

Despite reams of proof to the contrary, the notion that strength and muscle development and flexibility are mutually exclusive is still common, particularly among dancers and other individuals who require extensive degrees of flexibility.

With proper stretching and training, it’s remarkably easy to improve both strength and flexibility simultaneously; in fact, the two are often synergistic. We demand that movements be taken through the full and proper range of motion and that our members stretch regularly and appropriately.


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