2 Fenrir Fitness Athletes Compete in a Seniors Powerlifting Meet – A Review of the 2014 Polk Senior Games

Laurie Schoepe and Mike Beemer did the #WolfPack proud today by competing in the 2014 Polk Senior Games Weightlifting Meet held at Deb’s Gym in Lakeland, Fl.

Mike Beemer and Laurie Schoepe both took Metals in their Age Group/Weight Class

Mike Beemer and Laurie Schoepe both took Metals in their Age Group/Weight Class.

Laurie competed in the 50-55 yr old women’s age division and the a 165lb weight class. The meet started with Bench Press.  Laurie successfully complete all 3 lifts at 65lbs, 75lbs and 85lbs earning herself the gold medal for her Age/Weight class!  Next up the deadlift.  Laurie completed her first and second pulls but wasn’t able to pull the final 200lbs. Her 185lb Deadlift still landed her the Gold Medal for her Age/Weight class!

Laurie’s 175lb Gold Medal winning Dead Lift!

Laurie’s 2nd Bench Press – 75lbs

“This is Fun!” -Laurie Schoepe, after admiring her 2 Gold Medals

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Mike “Beems” Beemer competed in the 50-54 age division and 198 lb weight class.

Mike Beemer’s 255lb Bench Press


Mike won the Gold Medal in the Bench Press event with a 255lb  press and earned a Silver Medal for his 350lb Deadlift.

Here is the 350lb Silver Medal winning DeadlIft by Mike Beemer

Mike proudly displays his Silver and Gold Medals


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The 2014 Polk Senior Games were held at Debs Gym in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday February 22, 2014.

This was a very exciting and smoothly run event.  30+ athletes were cycled  thru Bench Press,  Deadlifts and Medals awarded by 2:30 pm.  It is obvious this wasn’t Debbie Callahan’s first rodeo. The event was judged by nationally ranked strongmen and powerlifters; Scott Lamb, Scott Weech and Ray Parker.

I was inspired by the spirit of the competitors ranging from 50 – 93 year old men and women lifting some legit weight!!

Meet Edith:

93 year old Edith, the Oldest competitor in the 2014 Polk Senior Games performs her 135lb Gold Medal Winning Dead lift with her Coach behind her.

I loved Edith’s fiery spirit. She celebrated all her lifts and encouraged everyone to get their parents and grandparents involved in power lifting. I couldn’t help myself I went over for a little chat with her. I asked her how long she has been lifting. I was shocked by her response, “about a year” she says.

“This is a great ego booster, when you get to be 93 years old you need an ego boost.”

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Me, Edith and her Power Lifting Coach

Me, Edith and her Power Lifting Coach


This gentleman is 73 year old AND blind! Talk about inspiring!

Debbie Callahan leads the 77 year old blind power lifter to the platform

77 year old blind competitor completes a 155lb Deadlift.

Al Annunziato completes a 470lb deadlift.


Elderly lady attempts 165 lb deadlifts

Elderly lady complete 165 lb deadlift

Elderly lady then goes over and fist bumps her coach…..

While other elderly lady on her team does a celebration dance..

Still dancing…

These old ladies know how to get down in a gym!!!!

How can you not LOVE this!


What I came to realize during this meet is that healthy active competition can help keep your body strong, mind sharp and spirit young.


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